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Prague: Paying Homage to the King

Elvis impersonators; Prague, Czech Republic

Some photos don’t require an explanation. This one does.

Here we were, strolling through one of Europe’s most beautiful town squares — Starom?stské nám?stí — in central Prague.  This square began its life as Prague’s central marketplace back in the 12th century.  It still looks much as it did centuries ago, with cobblestones bordered by magnificent buildings in a variety of eclectic architectural styles.

In the center of the square — hamming it up in front of the locals and tourists — stood a group of five Elvis Presley impersonators.  I have no idea what they were doing there.

But there they were – laughing and gyrating while sporting wigs, sunglasses and the garish early-70s white jumpsuits that Elvis made his trademark in the latter stages of his career.

I show this picture to my students in a class I teach called Intercultural Communications. It demonstrates the pervasiveness of American pop culture.  No matter where you go, it’s seemingly impossible to escape the reach of American culture.  This isn’t necessarily good or bad – but it is reality.

We found it to be a humorous diversion from our day of sightseeing in Prague.  I think the King would have enjoyed it, too.

Prague’s medieval Charles Bridge which takes pedestrians across the Vltava River.  

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